Content Management

Ray Solutions Content Factory operations transform paper or electronic data files into rich, structured transactable electronic content. This is accomplished through a combination of advanced technologies, reference libraries of ready content, proven processes and experienced technical personnel with domain expertise in different industries and materials.

Ray Solutions provides a comprehensive range of Content Services that encompass e-business content spectrum as well as Inventory item consolidation and identification. These services include:


Ray Solutions provides content classification services to classify products and services to a range of different classification schemas and content standards including UNSPSC,PIDX,NRF ARTS etc. Ray Solutions may also provide classification services to any proprietary standard.


Content cleansing effort involves cleansing master data files and generating granular attribute data using the data provided. Content cleansing services includes:

  • Attribute Extraction
  • Duplicate identification
  • Abbreviation Expansion
  • Data Normalization and Standardization


Ray Solutions offers content enhancement services. We typically augment/enrich the information as a combination of a reference database and the item manufacturer's website or product data sheets which are the best source for the latest accurate information. Ray Solutions has developed a Content Repository comprising of both neutral and supplier specific SKUs. The neutral SKUs comprise of detailed attributes of products that completely define and specify the products and enable product identification. Ready Content from the repository will enable both suppliers as well as customers to switch to eProcurement very conveniently in a short time frame. All the SKU's are classified to UNSPSC. Ray Solutions has developed mapping tools that can search & map SKUs to generate catalogs with other standard classification schema such as GSDN, PIDX, etc.

Schema Services

Ray Solutions can provide expertise to assist and review your specific schema requirement with respect to your trading community. In addition, we can provide a design service to specify and document modifications to an existing classification system to meet your markets requirements.

Content Creation

Ray Solutions specializes in providing rich fully attributed content. Ray Solutions offers content creation services both from hardcopy catalogs as well as electronic formats like PDF, XLS, CSV, text etc. Ray Solutions can provide any output format required by the customer, like XLS, XML, text files or any exchange specific formats like OEX XML, CUP etc.


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